Earth Hunt

Where in the World?
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What is earth_hunt?
It's a game and a community all rolled into one. Inspired by an idea from _flyonthewall_, members post pictures of places they have been or seen, or even places they've heard of. Other members then try to guess where the place in the picture is. Interested? Read on!


-You don't have to take the picture yourself, as long as you have permission to use it and are not stealing anyone's bandwidth, go ahead and post it!

-Places vary in difficulty, so when you are posting, be sure to leave a note ranking it as Easy, Moderately Easy, Moderatley Hard, or Difficult.

-Try not to use the same place over and over again. If someone posts a picture of the John Lennon Memorial in Central Park, don't post the Empire State Building...it's all New York.

-Try to use a picture that includes a hint as to where it is, a picture of an office building in Bombay might look the same as an office building in Los Angeles (of Anaheim :P).

-If a picture hasn't been guessed in two days, then post the answer.

-Everyone is welcome to join to guess! You don't have to post pictures to play, but that does make it more interesting.

Google Search Rule - A poster can indicate if s/he would 'allow' googling for his/her post. If nothing is mentioned, then the Community Wide rule is that you cannot use search engines for the first two days, but on the third day, search away.